About Foot Care Center

Podiatric services are offered in the most caring and comfortable setting. Truly concerned about all his patients, Dr. David C. Scherer, DPM strives to help those with all issues arising from foot problems. Foot Care Center is a general podiatry practice where extensive foot examinations are provided for those with all kinds of foot problems. If you suffer from foot and ankle pain, you already know how it can severely disrupt your quality of life.  Even the simplest aspects of daily living, like walking, become a challenge.  Your mobility suffers.  Now you don’t need to endure pain from your heels, feet or ankles.
You can find exceptional podiatric care for every foot and ankle condition when you visit the office of Dr. Scherer, who has the knowledge, experience and expertise to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Unlike the average podiatrist, Dr. Scherer provides a comprehensive approach to foot problems. Recognizing that other medical issues in the body affect the feet, he considers everything going on in the body.  Offering whirlpool treatments, the Doppler Test to determine circulation, and other modalities, Dr. Scherer advises and often provides the patient with supplements to enhance their health – all this and more concerns Dr. Scherer.  He is constantly studying the latest in preventive health care and is most knowledgeable about the body in every way.

Testimonials from his patients reflect his caring and expertise when treating them. Consider the following:

“I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been Dr. Scherer’s patient for 27 years. He’s a terrific doctor – so caring and knowledgeable. Even though I’m now in my 80s, with his help, I hope to remain a patient for many more years.” – Ida Apotheker

“Since my first bunion operation with Dr. Scherer was so fabulous and gave me minimal pain, I feel confident about soon having my second foot done, too.” – Randie Cohn

“Both my husband Charlie and I just love Dr. Scherer and have been his patients for 10+ years. We recommend everyone to him, because he always goes that extra mile to help us with any medical or personal problems we may have. God bless him for the wonderful treatment we receive from him.” – Barbara & Charlie Fitzgerald

“For 15 years, I have been a patient of Dr. Scherer’s, because he is such a credit to his profession and so good hearted.” – Staci Rowe

“Unlike most doctors today who see so many patients that they don’t have quality time to spend with them, Dr. Scherer is the exception. He takes the time to want to know about my problems and is so understanding and knowledgeable about my feet as well as the rest of my body and spirit.” – Mary Benivegna

“My husband and I have been longtime patients of Dr. David Scherer’s. Not only is he caring and compassionate, but he keeps current with the latest findings in medicine. He makes every patient feel like they’re part of his family.” – Nancy Mcgivern

“Dr. Scherer is such an exceptional doctor and person. He’s so knowledgeable about not only feet but the latest information in medicine as well as being the kindest and most intelligent doctor I know.”– Linda Zuker

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