Custom Inserts

Why do I need custom insoles?

Enjoy custom inserts made especially for your feet’s needs. Our custom insoles help to enhance your feet’s comfort level and make walking a lot easier. Our insoles help provide support to low or even high arches. Insoles may also help ease the pain associated with a bunion. 

What is the typical charge?

Most insurances will not cover the cost of custom insoles. We typically charge between $150-$175 for a pair of custom insoles. We do not charge for the 3-week follow-up appointment or if the insoles need any future adjustments.

Do you make custom insoles in-office?

Yes, we offer custom insoles. The doctor will examine the feet to determine what type of insoles work best. Casts of the feet are taken to create the ideal insoles. The patient usually receives the custom insoles within a week. We ask the patient to make a 3-week follow-up appointment to evaluate the effectiveness of the insoles.

What if I lose my insoles?

If you lose your insoles or would like a second pair, you will have to pay the original price to get them remade. This a rare occurrence.