What can cause a nail fungus?

Firstly, we need to understand that fungus flourishes in warm and humid environments. Wet communal floors create the ideal situation for fungus to grow. Listed below are other factors that can cause a nail fungus:
• Walking barefoot on a wet communal floor such as a water park, pool deck, locker room, or even a communal bathroom.
• Having fungus on your body or in or your body may cause a nail fungus to develop.
• Having continuous physical contact with someone who has a fungus on their body.
• Using nail tools that are not properly disinfected. 
• Having dry and cracked nails allow the fungus to enter the nail bed.

How can I treat a fungal nail infection?

The best possible treatment can be provide by a medical professional. We suggest calling and scheduling an appointment for a consultation. We offer many different in-office treatments. Our office number is (954) 776-0000!

Who is at a higher risk of developing a nail fungus?

• Individuals over the age of 65. 
• Those with a weak or compromised immune system. 
• Poor circulation.
• Individuals who have diabetes. 
• Those with open wounds.
• Those who sweat excessively. 
• Individuals with athlete’s foot.

What are some of the symtoms?

There are many different types of fungal nail infections. In some cases, the nails begin to thicken and become discolored. You may also notice the skin around the nail become thick and appear scaly. In some cases, the area affected by the fungus may have a bad smell. Fungal nail infections can also be painful and make walking very difficult. 

What can I do to prevent a nail fungus?

There are several different preventative actions you can take to stop the spread of the fungus.
• Wash your hands often, especially when dealing with your feet.
• Always wear shoes on a wet communal floor.
• Wear absorbent socks and change them out often.
• Disinfect all tools before usage.