Professional Medical Nail Care

What is Professional Medical Nail Care?

Dr. David C. Scherer first course of action is to exams the patient’s nails to determine the best solution. If the toenails are too long, he will trim them down to a safe and satisfactory length. He may also thin out any excessive thickness to the nails. Professional nail care also includes the removal of corns and calluses. If Dr. David C. Scherer notices any other issues with the feet, he will alert the patient and come up with a solution. He believes in listening and understand his patient’s concerns. The initial appointment for new patients usually lasts between 30 to 50 minutes. 

Why is it necessary?

In many cases, as a result of the aging process, we find bending to reach our toes a difficult task. The nails begin to grow out of control and may even curl under the toes. Unfortunately, this limits our ability to walk and be mobile. If this were to happen, the best solution is to see a trained medical professional who can safely trim your nails.

How often should I schedule nail care?

Maintenance is important in keeping your feet healthy and active. We suggest scheduling a medical nail care appointment every 8 weeks. Please keep in mind this time frame may vary based on medical necessity.   

Will my insurance cover the visit?

Professional Nail Care is typically covered by most insurances. Medicare will typically cover the cost. Please call our office to learn if we accept your insurance.