Corns and Calluses

What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and Calluses are areas of skin that receive an excessive amount of pressure or friction. The skin begins to thicken and harden as a result of the continuous pressure. Corns and calluses can be very painful.

Who is at risk of developing a corn or callus?

Everyone who puts an expressive amount of pressure on the feet can develop a corn or callus. Certain kinds of shoes such as high heels and tight shoes can also cause a corn or callus.

What is the difference between a corn and calluses?

Corns are usually found on the toes or in between the toes. Now, as for a callus, these are found beneath the foot on the heel. Corns and calluses can easily be confused as the skin becomes rough and thick in both cases. 

What are the different types of treatments?

• Wear shoes that reduce pressure on the feet.
• Add foot padding to the shoes.
• Stay off your feet.
• See a podiatrist who can carefully remove the dead skin. 

Will my insurance cover corn and callus treatment?

Most insurance plans do cover the cost of treatment. Please contact our office to see if we accept your insurance. Contact us at (954) 776-0000. 

How many follow-up visits will I need?

Corns and calluses may return. Follow-ups may vary based on the severity of the corn/callus.