What is Neuroma?

A neuroma is commonly known as a pinched nerve. The nerve tissue found between the toes becomes compressed and may create a benign growth. The neuroma may be associated with leg cramps, arch aches, low back pain, and headaches. A neuroma is not limited to between the toes and can occur on different parts of the foot. If neuroma goes untreated, it could lead to long-term damage to the nerve. You may feel a pinching, burning, stinging, or numbness feeling between the toes and even on the ball of the foot. Neuroma makes any physical activity on the feet very difficult.

What are the typical types of treatment?

Treatment may vary based on the condition of the neuromas. You may need to change the type of shoes you wear or add special insoles/padding. Some medications and injections may also help. 

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What can cause a neuroma?

Various factors may lead to a neuroma. Individuals with high arches or flat feet are are a higher risk. These types of feet require more care and attention as the nerves may be irritated very easily. Other variables to consider are footwear that creates compression on the nerve. People who suffer from bunions and hammertoes may also be affected by a neuroma. A neuroma may also affect people who put their feet in countless stressful situations.

Where can I learn more about Neuroma?

What is the typical cost?

Most insurance do cover the cost neuroma treatment, however, please contact our office to determine if we accept your insurance.