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The Foot Care Center

Dr. David Scherer, d.p.m., p.a.

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Meet Dr. David C. Scherer, D.P.M., P.A.​

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"On behalf of myself and my staff, we welcome you to our office! Taking good care of ourselves is a lifelong process and the best way to ensure good health into our senior years. When it comes to health, however, we usually don't think of our feet until something goes wrong. We then find ourselves in a negative situation that is difficult to overcome. The best way to avoid these problems is to practice preventative care.

We provide a wide range of services to accommodate many different treatable foot conditions. Don't hesitate to give my office a call and schedule an appointment. We are here to listen to your concerns and find the best possible way of resolving them."

“Since my first bunion operation with Dr. Scherer was so fabulous and gave me minimal pain, I feel confident about soon having my second foot done, too.”
Randie Cohn
"I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. David C. Scherer, DPM at Foot Care Center in Ft. Lauderdale. His knowledge and expertise are incomparable. Additionally, he is a kind, compassionate healer who can’t do enough for his patients. He surrounds himself with a competent, kind and professional staff as well. In my opinion, he’s the best podiatrist for all your foot care needs."
Linda Zuker
"Unlike most doctors today who see so many patients that they don’t have quality time to spend with them, Dr. Scherer is the exception. He takes the time to want to know about my problems and is so understanding and knowledgeable about my feet as well as the rest of my body and spirit."
Mary Benivegna

About Us

The Foot Care Center is a general podiatry practice established in 1989. We perform many different procedures to accommodate our patients needs. Find us in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

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We provide podiatric services in the most caring and comfortable setting. Because we truly care about our patients, we strive to help them with any issues arising from foot problems.

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Treatment Areas

Our goal is to help you gain back your mobility and return you to a normal lifestyle.We provide a wide range of services to accommodate many different treatable foot conditions.

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We are located south of Commercial Blvd. Find us across the street from Holy Cross Hospital in the one story building called “PEAL”. Our suite is G and as you drive in we are located on the far left side of the parking lot.